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Monday, February 14, 2005

Microsoft: It is an amazing company

I am ranting often enough in this blog against Microsoft - but negative critics is better than total ignorance.

Whatever it is, one cannot say anything against the stamina of Microsoft as well. Frequently, when they launch a new product or enter a new market (without acquiring an incumbent), their first products fail to convince. Critics are loud, and sometimes cynical about the company.

This was the case with their Internet Explorer against Netscape, or when they launched their PocketPC against Palm. While they might have won the Internet browser war (for the time being) with somewhat dirty tricks, they come back and back and back. Prototyping.

Again, they are not very successful, currently, with their Smartphones. Rejected by many of the leading handphone operators, they team up with smaller companies. Now, they are going to market a new cellphone platform running Windows Mobile to phone makers and service providers, after they teamed up with Singapore Flextronics. The new platform, called Peabody (who brought up this name???) is a blueprint that cell providers can customise and that would cut production costs.

It is a sign of increasing competition in the mobile phone area, with new entries coming on board and established companies pushing their product margin, since the new platform is suppose to allow the production of cheaper products by the OEMs.

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