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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

TV reporters are everywhere

There are already those amateur videoclips that record certain behaviour and which suddenly make it to the news. The most famous one was actually the one in the US with Rodney, something, something (I forgot this one now) a few years back.

So far, so incidences haven't been that common.

A next step in the evolution was the usage of cameraphones that can be used to catch offenders of all kind.

Anyways, the current state of technology made it difficult to move a stage ahead, but videotaping events via phones could become a norm in the future.

In Korea, a taxidriver was assaulted by a reporter and had the nerve to tape the incidence. "Korea’s three major broadcasters _ KBS, MBC and SBS _ all aired part of the video clip on the news programs and it also spread through the Internet, causing an uproar."

This can be the future of broadcasting, clearly. This requires responsibility of course, on site of the users, but would add spices to so far frequently boring newscasts. What is needed, nevertheless, is of course technology that is cutting edge and a tech-savvy population.

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