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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Family values in Asia

Over the last couple of weeks, Asia Business Consulting reported a couple of times about the impact of technology on family values. One of those reports stated that the way family trips are organised is changing. Instead of exchanging stories, or playing together, children prefer to text that peer groups .

Another study found that children actually prefer to be in their own rooms instead of sharing their days with their parents in the living room. Reason being, again, the persuasive power of new technology. They simply preferred their room, since there computer games, PS2, and so on.

At that time we asked, how this could differ from Asian values.

Recently, we also wrote about a study by Intel, which found out that values with regard to technology differ in the US from Asia.

Synovate, a market research agency, now reports findings from their own research, basically saying that three out of four Asian businessmen have maintained or increased the time they spend with their families. However, a sentence later is stated that more than half of the businessmen who responded to the survey said they have increased their working hours.

While family values in Asia are obviously intact, the article in The Star (Malaysia) does not describe what actual takes place in the households. Just that business people spent more time with family. Now, computers are prevalent, Asia is the region where texting is most common etc. So it is easy to work from home. Children weren't apparently included in the study as the article writes about businessmen. So yeah - businessmen (where are actually the business women) spent more time at home, but does this relate to a higher quality life? Not necessarily!

(By Asia Business Consulting)