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Thursday, July 28, 2005

The future of mobile phones

The link goes to Smart Mobs and their write up about AO 2005 Summit.

The future of mobile phones looks as follows:

1.) The youth use mobile differently to baby boomers, they’re more comfortable using the phone and don’t see the need for a landline. The youth will start watching television on the available screen.

2.) Mobile phones are social integrators, especially in Asia. "in Japan if you walk around you will see hundreds of young people with mobile phones of all different levels of complexity, because that is the primary mode of communication."

3.) In a few years time, we will have phones with 80-100 GB of memory.

Say halleluljah! Give me Five.

But if you follow this blog, you will see the emerging trends, diverging, and converging, slowing and bursting but ever so exciting!

(By Asia Business Consulting)