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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Good bye to the "Visa Blog"

It was a good blog and unfortunately, he chose a name that was too close to the one representing a major creditcard company, Visa International. They sent him a Cease and Desist Letter, last month and it took him some thinking, and searching for advice to come to the conclusion to simply cease the name.

It is sad to see that Visa apparently didn't offer him compensation - he didn't ask for much, in fact, he didn't want to ask at all, in the beginning. It was his intention to keep the blog, under the Visa Name. It was just that he just renewed the domain and so he asked for a replacement.

Here is what he wrote:

"I politely asked for compensation (of course I had to be careful for not falling into a 'cybersquatting' trap, if there's any), but all I asked for is a domain replacement so I can keep blogging and I don't think that's too much to ask for. It can also make me feel better for being respected. However, the answer I got was a rude NO. Come on Visa, how much is a domain going to cost you? By the way, I renewed this domain two months ago. In other words, Visa gets to use this domain name for free for the year to come with my hard-earned money. Oh joy."

That is the sad part of life. That David doesn't even want to use his sling to beat Goliath but wanted to settle in a friendly manner, doesn't see himself as David, but as a simple guy on the road, but still was rejected in such a negative manner. What kind of perception does Visa have of his customers, because the blogger, who blogged under Blewthooth, is also a potential customer.

(By Asia Business Consulting)