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Monday, July 11, 2005

Media usage in China

It is a trend that is taking place everywhere. The Internet is having an impact on traditional media, and the traditional media - newspapers, magazines and such - face declining subscription numbers. A change in their business model is needed or else, they lose their audience.

The reason why people access different media channels, such as the Internet, might be slightly different in China, with all the controls that the government in China tries to put in place.

So far, television is still in the race, but you have to remember, that the Internet is still a "young outlet" - so expect more to happen here.

"79 Percent people surveyed think TV is quite important or very important for getting information, and 75 percent deem newspaper as important as TV. Following TV and newspaper are Internet and books.

About 50 percent think Internet and books are important sources of information; 41 percent regard radio as important source, and only 35 percent take magazines as important sources of information."

(By Asia Business Consulting)