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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Those employees cannot be trusted

It is not only the Internet that cannot be trusted, it also is the employee. Time and time again, studies are brought up that show that employees do stupid things that bring down a company's website, or their entire network.

Sure, these employees to engage in risky behaviour because they feel protected. Protected by their own IT Department that they then challenge with behaviour that threatens all these security installations.

"In a survey that polled some 1,200 employees in the U.S., Germany and Japan, 39 percent believed that I.T. could prevent them from falling prey to threats like spyware and phishing. This belief prompted many of them to admit risky online behavior. Of those who admitted to such activity, 63 percent said that they do so because they feel they are protected by security software installed on their computers by their employers."

However, what I always wonder is, why those studies are initiated by companies that just incidentally also provide the software to protect the companies? In this case Trend Micro, but exchange the name to anything you want - Symantecs or MacAfee. May be it is really that they want to sell some more of their programs and thus, quickly commission a study that shows that those employees commit corporate suicide? Or may be, instead of relying on those software programmes, these employees need to understand that their behaviour is risky and that they should take care in a way they usuallly take care in their "normal life" - if they don't incidentally hate their bosses?

(By Asia Business Consulting)