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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Dutch introduce phones for kids

Kids are more tech prone (and get younger in using tech tools), and it is great that firstly, companies introduce gadgets that this young group can use, and, secondly, that parents are flexible enough to equip their kids with gadgets. The main challenge would be to educate kids in the manner that they don't need to have all the newest gadgets available on the market.

"Anyway, Dutch carriers introduced a kid phone with a built in GPS receiver, which remains working even when the phone isn't activated. Parents can select three 'safety zones', areas where their children are allowed to play. If they wonder off to another area, parents receive an SMS message. They can also look up the child's whereabouts on a virtual map. If one pre-defined number isn't answered, the phone will try the next one." This sounds like supervision is the trend to go, but if it relates to kids, especially young ones, I can relate to it. But then, they are also smart enough to evade the technlogical net laid out by parents.

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