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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Babies with handphones?

Is the mobile phone the future rattler? Well, that might be if all comes true what "leading entertainment executives" think. A mobile phone with mobile TV, that entertains the little ones with Sesame Street while on the road.

Can it be true? Look around you and you realise that more and more youngsters have a handphone. Disney and Warner Bros, and Anne Wood, creator of Teletubbies nurture deals already. Sesame Street reportedly has a deal with Verizon. "One New York market research firm says mobile television's current US$200 million business will grow to US$27 billion by the end of this decade with more than 250 million subscribers." Are these all babies, or do we find some adults amongst them?

Anyways, may be here is the one way that the industry found to finally nurture mobile TV.

(By Asia Business Consulting)