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Friday, November 25, 2005

Camera phone captured mistreat in the act

Malaysia is in uproar about a video clip showing a naked Chinese national apparently abused in a prison in the country. The video shows a woman forced to strip in front of another woman in police uniform.

The video was captured via camera phone and now makes its rounds through cyberspace. Politicians are shocked and pictures of it made it to the frontpage of all major newspapers. Investigations are under way.

This comes at a time when visitor numbers from China to Malaysia are dropping dramatically and the country is asking itself for reasons of this. It has been assumed that the treatment of Chinese tourists has not always been welcoming.

This revelations are positive aspects of new technology, of course, even so it is not quite clear if this "discovery" was accidentally leaked. It reminds me of the "doggie woman" in Korea. Her pictures were taken after she refused to clean up after her dog messed up the train. The story also circulated through cyberspace. Her identity was revealed, finally, and apparently, she faced a lot of problems in her real life thereafter.

So for the sake of the Chinese national shown in the Malaysian case, I believe it is better not to circulate the video, should you receive it!

(By Asia Business Consulting)