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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Mobile phone advertising? Oh goodness!

Who hasn't got one of those SMS on his or her mobile phone, advertising some strange service? I am talking about advertising via SMS or texting and I call it nothing else but spamming in all its new and old versions.

I am already annoyed enough with online advertisments and pop-ups, also there might be a trend to the better here (not always).

Companies are more cautious in approaching consumers via their mobile phones but they try to get to them. Ways to convince a consumer is voluntary sign-ups but still, things might go out of hand quickly. Will we have mobile spam filter soon? Looking at how badly those work in the Internet, I prefer to put a stop to mobile advertising first. Because, seriously, I don't believe that companies are close enough to understand consumers to really create text ads that entice consumers to actually like their ads. for me, when I get a text ad, the company is out from my consideration set. Thank you!!

(By Asia Business Consulting)