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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Communication in the new age

I still cannot believe that survey companies come up with such findings and that reporters actually write about it.

Here we have the findings that says that "nearly a third of people say their relationships have suffered because their use of digital technology means they 'talk less'. And 90 per cent of people surveyed say they feel that email, text messages and instant messaging has made communication with friends and family less personal."

Sure, the Internet changes the way we use to communicate but a statement like the one above just doesn't get the fact that the Internet and all related tools is a different way of communicating, in fact, is widening the scope of your communication. And to meet the needs of those that feel it is less personal, well, there is VoIP, right, like Skype. Which would all those in need of a more personal touch to at least get audible satisfaction. What is missing? A computer that hugs the user.

(By Asia Business Consulting)