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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Media and blogger - a case from India

If you follow the story of blogs, you will find that it is a discussion that emerged straight in the beginning. Already back in the old age before 2000, there were discussions if bloggers were journalists or would they compliment or replace newspapers, or other medias.

Anyway - a blogger shut down his blog after the Times of India threatened him with a lawsuit. It states that he criticised their newspaper in an ongoing matter and that this would hurt their business.

Again, this is the old age discussion - they could turn the coin around and say that anyway, he talks bad about us, bu at least, people talk about us. It might even generate new business because not everybody agrees with his decision. But old timers prefer to clamp down on critics instead of taking the chance to converse and engage critics. This happens to corporations where bloggers blog, or in the music industry.

The nice thing is, so, that actions agains bloggers tend to unify bloggers. This was what we saw last year in Malaysia with Jeff Ooi and now, the Indian blogger scene starts blogging about the case.

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