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Friday, March 18, 2005

Samsung launches IPod rival

Apple's IPod currently holds a 70% market share in the IPod market. It is its design and easy handling features that makes it a runner in the consumer world.

Of course, it is the logic of the market that other companies want to have a bite of the cake - the models so far launched, by Dell, Gateway and Sony tried, but failed for various reasons.

Now it is Samsung's turn to enter the market and boy, they try to shake it up. Instead of just launching one model, they plunge into the market with 6 different models, developed for different aspirations of potential users.

Available in the first half of this year - of which not much is left - the music players from Samsung range from a 256 megabyte flash memory type to a 30 gigabyte hard disk drive model capable of holding about 7,500 songs.

Let's see how this new entry will develop!

(By Asia Business Consulting)