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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Yahoo enters blogging and social networking markets

Strange header, but this is what it is all about.

After Friendster and Movable Type got together, just a few days ago, and Movable Type bought Livejournal, well, it was clear that the giants of the Internet would push the limits a bit further. And interestingly, this actually comes after Microsoft stepped into the game. Were they just watching - remember there were the rumours that they would buy a blogging company?

Anyway, Yahoo has now confirmed that confirmed that they will start beta testing a new community service that will let users share blogs, photos, music and other content with their friends.

Yahoo's step, called Yahoo 360, into social networking and blogging is in a beta phase only, but will open up to the "public" by end of March - so far apparently only in the US. However, participation is by invitation only, similar to a service offered by Google.

I wonder if the name, Yahoo 360 means that it is Yahoo's attempt to be a service provider for all services available - a one stop platform.

(By Asia Business Consulting)