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Monday, April 11, 2005

9 years of prison for spammer

Spamming is bad - we all know this and spammers frequently make jokes of those who actually respond to their spam and on the route, earnt a lot of money.

But it must have been a judge who was inundated by spam as well, since the sentence seems to be quite draconian - A US judge has sentenced a man to nine years in prison for violating anti-spam laws by sending out millions of unsolicited e-mails using fake addresses.

The article also confirms this income level above: Prosecutors calculated that the spammer took in between US$500,000 and $US750,000 a month through the sale of products through the e-mails.

What always gets forgotten in this and what I keep asking: Who are those that actually open spam mails and then respond to them? I mean, look, besides the usual Viagra and Printer Cartridges advertised in the subject line, this subject line is full of mistakes - I wouldn't even call these mistakes. Who in the world thinks that this is a serious business offer or product?

(By Asia Business Consulting)