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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Amazon and Print on Demand

Even Amazon is not able to store books endlessly, but what impresses me is the fact that they still consider the need of customers for even the most remotely available book.

Let's talk about print-on-demand. What does it say - well, if you need a book, but it is not available in any bookstore anywhere, you would normally give up.

Not with Amazon. Through their acquisition of printing fulfillment company BookSurge, users are now able to place an order for a book that will be printed on demand. ""Print-on-demand has changed the economics of small-quantity printing, making it possible for books with low and uncertain demand to be profitably produced," Greg Greeley, vice president of media products for, said in a written statement."

This is also a part of the Long Tail Phenomen, which allows to access material that is no longer found elsewhere. And as such, also part of the Internet revolution with all the great impacts that it has.

(By Asia Business Consulting)