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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Dow Jones says: Lock the content

It is a bit of an older news, but still interesting to bring it up again. Just when we had the discussion about AFP suing Google for putting copyrighted material on the web and AFP in turned being "flamed" by one of their customers for threatening their business model, well, Dow Jones, publisher of the Wall Street Journal comes and supports the move to lock up material.

Dow Jones is hoping that other online newspapers follow their move and says that "publishers in all mediums have tended to devalue their brands.

Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Isn't it a step back to an old business model? Those using the Internet want to participate in the discussion, and they don't want their news behind walls. The Walled Garden is dead. Aren't citizen journalists and blogs living proof that co-creation and participation with conversation is the way to go? Well, Dow Jones probably wants others to join their model, since they might have realised that otherwise, they won't become relevant again.

What do you think?

(By Asia Business Consulting)