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Monday, April 04, 2005

Governmental webpages

Governmental webpages, from any country, can be seen as the window to the world. Anybody who is just curious, or wants to know more about a country for whatever reason, will find those pages. They are also useful for those citizens that live overseas. Additionally, governmental webpages are also a way to reach out to the constituency. A way to communicate with the population, or just to inform the population and provide information about your operations.

In this sense, they are also a tool to brand a country - it shows how a country sees itself, how efficient the country and its governmental servants are.

In this manner it is timely that Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi of Malaysia directed all government departments and agencies to update their websites and make them more interactive for relevance and to improve the quality of the public service sector.

The New Straits Times reported that this is not the first time, governmental departments have been asked to buckle up. "On June 26, 2003, when Abdullah was Deputy Prime Minister, he issued a similar directive to government departments and agencies." An improvement is also needed, considering the recent defacing of Malaysian webpages.

(By Asia Business Consuling)