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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Executives prefer e-mail as communication tool

"A poll of 1,500 executives, including 26 percent in the Asia-Pacific region, found more than 66 percent of them prefer to send e-mails compared to 16 percent who opt for phones," when communicating with colleagues. "

The interesting finding of the study is that while people said they become more productive through the use of electronic communication, and became more satisfied with their workplace condition, respondents faced the challenge of having too many telephones. The EIU, who organised the study together with Cisco Systems commented that most respondents have three different phone numbers and as higher they rise in their organisation, the more numbers they acquire.

The "strange or missing part" of the study appears to be in the missing information about SMS. I always thought that Asia is THE texting region and that employees just text away - and the SMS numbers are high. At least when they are younger, since, remember, e-mail writing is something for older people?

Additionally, where is the importance of face-to-face contacts in organisations? Or, for that matter, do organisations blog?

(By Asia Business Consulting)