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Monday, April 04, 2005

India to follow China in online crackdown

Benchmarking can be good. It gives you an idea of how other companies or countries are doing in handling challenges that you might face. Or are going to face. You might take over something from here and try to implement it into your organisation of course considering that this needs to be adjusted to your own setting, culture, values and so on.

Benchmarking can also be done wrongly, and that is what I believe is happening here. My point, over and over in this blog has been that it is impossible to put the genie of the Internet back into the bottle. There are good things in the Internet and bad things. Let the good things blossom, and manage the bad ones via education. Not via regulation because if you start to regulate, or police it, you will drive it underground or across the border, so to speak.

India's moral police is apparently following China to eradicate "the "ill-effects of sex and violence on the youth".

In the wake of dance bars being targeted the gaming fraternity also has suffered a big blow. The 'crackdown' on sex and violence has hit hard, as the moral police have confiscated gaming consoles and game CDs from retailers in the state. It is planning to clamp down on the kind of games that youngsters are buying and those they are playing in gaming cafes."

Be aware that this is a country that plans to play a dominant role in software development, outsourcing, and e-commerce (I know it is all related) and that has been called an example for the rest of the world. May be no longer?

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