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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Short stories presented on mobile phones

If it is possible, it is possible in Asia. First, we had a novel that was publicised via SMS, before it made it onto television.

Now it is the turn to produce a short story series for the upcoming 3G series.

Mediacorp, "a Singapore television station will air a drama series on third-generation mobile phones this month in what will be a first for Asia." The novel will also be distributed in other parts of Asia, including China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia.

Companies engaged in 3G are looking for success in this area, have heavy licensing and partially installation costs. I am still not that sure that mobile TV is a success.

I believe that people want to communicate with each other in the first place - this includes SMS. May be looking at a tiny screen is something to entertain while sitting at the doctor's place (can do?) or travelling in the LRT. But a constant exposure? I am not very certain about this. Even in tech-creazed Korea, sales of related handset are below expectations, mainly due to the price (which will drop over time). Anyway, I am curious to see the development.

(By Asia Business Consulting)