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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Rating violence and revealing online identities

In Korea, the government plans to rate violent "video clips which are circulated over the Internet and cell phones as part of government efforts to crack down on violence." How they are planning to do this, I don't know.

The government sees this as a plan to Tgo against four types of violence, namely school gang violence, organized crime, online privacy infringement and libel. Honestly, I don't see too much relation to the rating scheme as well. I mean, there are cases where bullying is filmed with video cams and then, the video is circulated over the web or amongst friends, but how to rate it? Moreover, aren't there other laws that catch those activities? And those that film violent movies, well, okay, may be a rating is possible but then, how to catch the bad guys if they don't want to be rated? How about movies that are distributed and originate from overseas?

Another joke (sorry, but this sounds like a joke to me) is the attempt that in order to "to tackle online privacy infringement, the government is also considering making Internet users disclose their real names." Right !

(By Asia Business Consulting)