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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Driving and Yakking = Accident

A conversation while driving is not bad. We all do it, from time to time. But there is probably a difference between talking to a person that is in the car and to talk to a person on the phone.

Reason being, as far as I am aware of it, is that the person on the line doesn't observe the traffic and keeps chatting in case of emergency situations.

Research by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety suggests that using a hands-free device instead of a hand-held phone while behind the wheel will not necessarily improve safety.

So even that is not that good. It is probably the searching for the headset and the process of connecting it that makes it dangerous, since it distracts. There are even people that text away on the wheel. Reading incoming messages or responding to it, swerving dangerously across lanes.

So simply put: It is easy to stop the car for a while - at a place that doesn't distract traffic. Or just tell the person on the other end that you get back to them in a few minutes!

(By Asia Business Consulting)