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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Impact of TV and computers on school performances

Really, all those studies that say that those with or without technical equipment are either smarter or dumper.

Now we have one that is a bit more specific and compares computers with television and associates their specific location to school performance.

"Children who had a television set in the bedroom but did not have a computer at home scored the lowest, while students without TV in the bedroom but with access to a computer at home scored the highest. Students who gained a television in the bedroom over the course of the school year scored lower in all areas than those who had their TV taken away during the same period. The researchers did not find a consistent negative association between test scores and the amount of television watched per week."

Okay - that sounds like an exclusion of each other. You have a computer but no television or you have a TV and no computer. Doesn't work this way. Many kids have both. What is also questionable, overall, is how come parents firstly, allow kids to have a television in the bedroom, and why don't they monitor the viewing time in the first place? And then, what about computers with or without Internet access? Any smartness required here? Well, the mind of the young. Always interesting.

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