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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Shall we jail those parents?

While there is no scientific link between video games and violence, it makes sense to impose some restrictions, or age-rating classifications, on very violent games. Or, even better, to give parents the power to decide what is good for their children and what not. Even so, kids nowadays are frequently way ahead of their parents in many of these issues.

Anyway, over in New Zealand, it has been found that "parents are supplying restricted or banned computer games to their teenage children." It might be that these children are just bugging their parents until parents give in, or that parents believe they know better. Of those students interviewed "62 per cent had played at least one restricted or banned game."

What is a bit tougher to understand is the reaction of Chief Censor Bill Hastings, working in the Classification Office. He saw it as an offense to his professional well-being, stating that his office would not ban or restrict games lightly. He continued to state that "parents who allow their underage children to play restricted games are breaking the law and doing their children a disservice." Shall we just jail those renegade parents then?

(By Asia Business Consulting)