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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

No scientific link between games and violence

Can video games make players violent?

It is always easy to play on the link and blame everything technology on changing behaviours, murders and whatever.

Sure, new technology is influencing the way we behave, it is altering our purchasing and decision-making processes. But this is a long way from saying that playing games, using technology is making users more violent. More breakdowns in the value system of an individual are needed before someone actually murders someone or simply becomes a bad person.

This is also exactly what a new study proclaims that there is no link between games and violence, even so longer term studies are needed. "According to the study, which looked at players who devoted an average of 56 hours over a month to the online game "Asheron's Call 2," there was no statistical difference in behavior between those who had played the game and those who didn't."

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