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Monday, October 10, 2005

Internet in China - a new lifestyle approach

Long time back, there was only one colour in China, namely the grey of Maoism. Now, with many new choices available, Chinese reach out, most noticable via the Internet. Sure, they are challenged by the many agents and the new regulations, but hey - there is a loophole around it, and once someone feels the taste of liberty, they want more.

The Internet is growing in China, and its presence is felt, mostly amongst those, that grew up with it. A new lifestyle dawns. "One out of 13 Chinese uses the Internet. Ten years ago, there were barely 50,000 Internet accounts throughout China. A survey on some 2,400 people in five Chinese cities show that an average netizen spends 2.73 hours online daily, reading news, sending or receiving emails, playing games, downloading music, gathering background materials or chatting."

The great part is that half of the users are connected via broadband. What potential arises. And along with it, business potentials and new growth. Good morning China and welcome to the world. It won't be long until China is setting the pace in the world economy.

(By Asia Business Consulting)