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Thursday, October 06, 2005

It is tough to be a mobile phone manufacturer

The mobile handset industry, Nokia, Samsung, Motorola Sony Ericsson and all the rest, don't have such an easy life today, even so the number of mobile phone owners is still growing.

But their competition is growing, with market barriers falling the fashion market as a new competitor is just one example. However, they are trying hard, and new ways to reach the consumers are emerging as well (much to the dismay of other markets).

Still, the industry hopes for growth in the content market, while Japan might provide some hope, questions are raised about the feasibility of mobile content.

It is really a question of what you want to do with mobile content on the phone. Are you really keen to squeeze your eyes to surf the web on the phone to buy something, that you might buy at home, via your always-on computer? Downloading music on the run, as Motorola pushes with their alliance? I am still not convinced that these new models work as well as hoped for. But then, I am a TV person, still rush home to watch a movie on the TV, instead of enjoying it on my mobile phone. Am I the new normal, or is there a generation out there, that is dying to watch movies, buy items or check for information on the mobile phone? May be all we need is a phone with a screen that can be unfolded to become bigger than they are now. Now that would be an alternative.

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