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Monday, October 10, 2005

Singaporean bloggers jailed for sedition

Three bloggers in Singapore - they made racist remarks on the Internet it response to a letter from a Muslim girl that complaint about the possibility that uncaged dogs may drool on taxi seats or dirty them with their paws.

True or false, Islamic or not - there is no reason to defame other religions. Neither with friends, online or via SMS. Especially in the current situations where enough hate exists in the world. It is clear that many believe that leaving remarks in cyberspace or via SMS is a way to get heard without being caught. This case now and the one earlier in Malaysia shows that this is not the case.

It just shows plain stupidity, sorry the hard words. For their remarks the bloggers in Singapore have been jailed - short sentences only, but may be it is a reminder to others in Singapore.

In the US, on the other hand, a court has reversed a lower court ruling that a council official, suing over remarks posted online by an unknown blogger, could force the blogger’s ISP to reveal his identity.

Different regions, different values, different approaches or view to writing on the internet.

(By Asia Business Consulting)