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Monday, October 03, 2005

After the doctors, now the professors

Last week, a story surfaced where doctors freaked out when criticised online.

Let's add on to this. Next on board are the professors that don't like to be exposed online.

The website Ratemyprofessor is successful. "With a database of more than 4 million ratings at more than 5,000 institutions of higher learning, the website has become a staple for many college students who use it to choose classes based on professors' evaluations."

However, professors don't like it. A professor at the University of Waterloo, who studied the site, says: "Here's this tenured professor with high rank and high salary and students say he's a disaster in the classroom" and appreciates the comment, since, well, a salary and a long tenure don't mean that you are the good guy in the classroom.

Whatever it is. It is important that those ratings exist. They clearly expose what is necessary to know. Sure, experiences of events vary from person to person. What one person sees in one event might differ what another person would say about the same event, but if there is a trend of positive or negative evaluations, something true might be in those evaluations. And hey - we also have product comparisons. Why not for those who sell their knowledge?

(By Asia Business Consulting)