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Monday, November 07, 2005

Exposed on the net

Nobody likes to be exposed on the net for things that are not that "clean", so to speak. In Malaysia, however it is frequently the government that pushes the button and exposes those that are not doing good enough for the public.

There are plenty of cases where property developers don't live up to their promises, and cash in the advance payment from buyers but fail to complete the projects. Cases, that than causes harm to consumers, and drag on for years in court.

Now, "anyone wishing to check out a particular developer can do so by simply logging on to the Housing and Local Government Ministry’s website – "

The website contains postings on offences committed by errant developers and court charges brought against them.

A good move - let's just see if the posting will be updated regularly and, more important, if there is enough promotion for the website to alert the public to these non-developers.

(By Asia Business Consulting)