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Saturday, November 26, 2005

SMS to the rescue

Another news of technology savvyness of Malaysia. I received an SMS yesterday evening, describing a kidnap case in Puchong - a city close to Kuala Lumpur. The message stated that a child had been kidnapped during a car robbery, provided the number of the car and asked for help.

Today, the New Straits Times reports about the case. Apparently, the car was stolen and the thieves didn't realise that the child, a 7 year old girl, was still in the car. The parents sent a few SMS to friends, giving the make of the car, its registration number and their handphone number.

Through this , the avalanche of SMS must have started, as more and more people received the text, over the next couple of hours.

The car hasn't been found, and the thieves discovered the girl and released her. However, the message is the same as it has been yesterday in the case of the mistreat of a Chinese national in a Malaysian prison - technology enables a faster response and more transparency.

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