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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Apple and Nike - are they talking?

Well, unusual alliances are bound to rattle business models. Yesterday, I wrote about an company that initially also looked like two unlikely partners before their merger - Sony and Ericsson, something that is now taken for granted.

Just now, I posted about eBay and Yahoo as potential marriage - something that looks more viable and easier imaginable.

But what about Apple and Nike? Well, these two also talk, okay, only about a partnership to develop products, and why not?.

"Imagine that your sneakers could tell you how far you've run and how many calories you've burned - and then choose a tune to inspire you. Nike Inc. and Apple Computer Inc. announced yesterday they are developing a wireless system to do just that. The Nike+iPod Sport Kit will be available in two months at $29, with shoes and iPod sold separately. The kit includes a sensor that will fit inside compatible Nike footwear and a wireless receiver that attaches to an iPod."

(By Asia Business Consulting)