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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sony Ericsson's walkman phone in Japan

It is the silver bullet for Sony Ericsson and it is now available in Japan as well - its walkman phone. Think about that - two losing propositions make a comeback. Ericsson didn't do well, lost tremendous market share and that caused them to link up with Sony. Sony's walkman is also outpaced by digital music, and especially the iPod.

Now, combine the two and suddenly, you get a winner. Sony's strength is in the smallness and the music play - Ericsson's of course in the mobile phone business. Hardly any synergies became synergetic.

Risk is of course, to make it a repeated success, and not a one time bullet. Think, what will happen if they get into the movie business via their mobile phones. Why not?

For now, they launched in Japan, and let's see, how they will be doing there. "Japan is the ideal market for a phone like this due to the immense popularity of cutting edge cell phones and gadgets in the nation. Reports have shown that almost 90 percent of all downloaded music files in Japan go to cell phones rather than PCs.

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