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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Interrupted wedding night in Malaysia

The perils of text messages. Once again, another misfit happened, this time in Malaysia.

"A Malaysian man slapped his wife on their wedding night and stormed out of their home after she received a text message from an unknown admirer who professed his undying love for her.
"Though you are married, I still love you," was the message that flashed on the screen of the 19-year-old woman's mobile phone just as the couple were about to enter their room at 2 a.m."

Well, the guy walked out after the violent behaviour and the police investigates. I, personally, am not sure if the marriage would have worked out anyway. Slapping? No way. So better get rid of the guy during the wedding night is actually good news for the woman. Isn't it?

(By Asia Business Consulting)