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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The language of blogs

What is the main language in which blogs are written? Did you guess English? Well, sorry, wrong!

"Technorati's David Sifry has produced some interesting data on the language of the blogosphere, indicating that Japanese, not English, is actually the most popular language for blogs. 37 per cent of blogs are in Japanese, followed by English (31 per cent) and Chinese (15 per cent)."

The Telegraph's Shane Richmond adds:
"But it isn’t just the blogosphere we should worry about – the internet at large is being divided along language lines. The latest figures show that there are around 300 million English-speaking internet users compared with just over 100 million who speak Chinese. However, internet usage in China is growing at a terrific rate and it won’t be long before the Chinese internet is bigger than its English-language counterpart."

So well, here we have another disparity - not only geographic but also by language.

(By Asia Business Consulting)