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Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Girl killed by train while talking on the mobile phone

There really is a need to ban public usage of mobile phones, because too many things go wrong.

Now, a girl in India was killed by a train because the conversation on the mobile phone distracted her so much that she didn't see the train coming. She was killed instantly.

Okay, it is clear that it is not good to talk on the phone when you do things that are important. You cannot focus enough when you are distracted. Clearly, it was the girl's fault, but even so, what about a better protection at the crossing or more serious attempts on preventing people crossing rails at places where they shouldn't cross in the first place?

Again, while people are distracted when using their mobile phone - too diverted from paying attention to things around them - there is no reason to ban phones (the article doesn't say so, but the call can be made easily). It would be just the same as banning the train, right?

(By Asia Business Consulting)