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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Texting as revision tool in UK schools

It has been called a destroyer of family life, too cost intensive for the youth, more damaging than cannabis, and in generally bad for kids and addictive - mobile phones and texting. Now who is counting the articles in the world that point to the positive values and usage of mobile phones?

Well, here is one article outlining a school in the UK that puts texting to new heights. "Year 11 pupils have been able to message teachers from home with revision queries and get a text answer.
The school said "text mentoring" had also seen teachers messaging pupils with revision prompts and exam tips." And it's been used. So imagine some youth huddled together in the Starbucks next door - they are not lazying around and skipping school. They are learning and revising. How is that?

(By Asia Business Consulting)