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Friday, June 09, 2006

Increasing the functionality in mobile phones

As mentioned a while back, digital cameras are a sunset industry with camera phones becoming the mode of choice.

It is happening. According to a global Nokia Research, 44% of people already use their handset as their main camera.

Even the days of the MP3 player looks numbered - 67% of those questioned said they expected their phone to replace their portable music player.

Well, "the Nokia research aimed to find out just how much use people make of the ever-growing list of functions crammed into modern mobile phones. It revealed some cultural differences among those who responded, with 68% of those questioned in India being the most likely to use their phone as their main camera.

Handsets look set to displace digital camerasBy contrast, 89% of Americans said they would stick with two separate devices. The global average of those expecting to use just one device was 42%."

What about clocks, games, even TV, or the Playstation and Gameboy?

"The research found that, on average, a third of people regularly browse the net on their phone.
At the same time it revealed that for many, mobiles are taking over from more mundane devices.

For instance, 72% of those questioned in the survey use their phone as their alarm clock, and 73% use it instead of a wristwatch."

Interestingly, the importance of people's mobile phones was shown by the fact that 33% would rather lose their wallet or purse than misplace their mobile. And a fifth of respondents would rather lose their wedding ring than their handset.

Wow, a wedding ring versus a mobile phone and the mobile phone wins.

(By Asia Business Consulting)