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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Is Internet control via software really better?

A mother, after realising that her 12 year old daughter, posted as an 18 year old in social networking site MySpace, imposed stricter Internet controls by putting kinds of protection on her family's three computers to monitor her three children.

This comes in the path of an estimated 750,000 identified sexual predators on the web. Okay - it is clear that it is easier to be contacted from someone anytime, anywhere, from anywhere. Web-enabled PDAs, increasing usage of mobile phones as webtool, social networking sites - all make it easier to communicate, but also, to be victimised on the web.

Controls however can only go so far - and there is always a way to get around it. Old fashioned education - face-to-face, leading into the web, what is there and what is not out there is important. Isn't it time that parents, schools and even kindergarden start including the web in their curriculum together with some "social educational rules"?

(By Asia Business Consulting)