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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Macintosh Hacker Attacks Are on the Rise - True or False

Symantec, a company providing the tools to fight the bad guys on the web - here: -viruses, came out with a study that states that the Macintosh is increasingly been a target of virus attacks.

Is this now the end to the argument that says that you should buy a Mac to get rid of viruses?


Since the share of the Mac in the whole market is still small, it is not an interesting target for virus developers. There is no fame to be won to have created a virus for a Mac (okay, may be, if you are the first to prove it!).

Or, as Gartner responds: "All these platforms have vulnerabilities - it's a fact of life. The truth of the matter is that Mac is only a couple percentage points of (computer) shipments so it's not an interesting target."

May be it really is related to the fact that Symantec wants to sell more of their products?

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