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Monday, March 28, 2005

Protests in China over website crackdown

Last week, I wrote about Tsinghua University in China where the government cracked down on their internal chat room.

However, to keep protests down is no longer possible in the new age and students start protesting against the crack down.

"Students held a rare protest on Tsinghua's campus. They laid out flowers and origami cranes and wrote "peace" and "free" on the ground with scraps of paper, according to pictures posted on the San Francisco-based Web site One photo showed a banner that read "Bless and protect Shuimu."

Interestingly, the crackdown on chatrooms, bulleting boards and internet sites might just spurn the further growth of blogs. Last year already, during a strike, workers used blogs to report on their protests.

A similar development is expected now, especially due to the fact that blogs can be hosted outside of China and away from Big Brother's eyes.

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