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Friday, March 25, 2005

46% of mails in India are spam

Spam is annoying and I still wonder, who are the people that actually open spam? Come on, everybody should know that those at the end of the chain just try to get into your pockets, or, even worse, into your private files on your desktop.

Indeed - ask yourself: Who would open a mail that contains those funny characters in the subject line? Those many letters that just don't make sense?

There is now this report that states that "that 46.34% of emails amounted for the total junk mail received by Indian users. 40.91% of the overall mails originated from Open Relay servers, Open proxies or Zombie machines exploited worldwide."

The easy and only solution to spam? Just don't open it anymore. Put it straight into the trash can. After a while, there is no one that makes money and spam might go away. Am I too simple in my thinking?

(By Asia Business Consulting)