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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Blogs Fall Prey to Trojans, Viruses

This is a warning by Websense that states that "blogs are increasingly being exploited as a means to distribute malicious code and keylogging software."

They are writing that "Cyber-criminals are now taking advantage of blog sites that allow users to easily publish their own web pages at no cost. Blogs can be attractive vehicles for hackers for several reasons - blogs offer large amounts of free storage, they do not require any identity authentication to post information, and most blog hosting facilities do not provide antivirus protection for posted files.

In some cases, the culprits create a blog on a legitimate host site, post viral code or keylogging software to the page, and attract traffic to the toxic blog by sending a link through spam email or instant messaging (IM) to a large number of recipients. In other cases, the blog can be used as a storage mechanism, which keeps malicious code that can be accessed by a Trojan horse that has already been hidden on the users computer."

I had cases when I blog-hopped via Blogger's tool and was warned by my system about an intrusion to install a Trojan Horse. It happens, clearly. But it wouldn't be too surprising when Websense will soon release a commercial tool that prevents intrusion, but makes their cash register ring.

(By Asia Business Consulting)