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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Emails and texting more damaging than cannabis - oh really?

A new study has been published stating that when you use SMS and e-mails too often, it actually lowers your IQ by up to 10 points. This is the typically statement made every now and then, and well, while it sounds scary, it doesn't make too much sense. For me, it basically is a continuation of those statements that say that those who use their handphones too often are mobile phone addicted, those, that surf porn too much, are porn-addicted, and those that use the Internet excessively are Internet addicted. A long time back, I read that laying on the beach for two weeks in a row during holidays (basically a metaphor for doing nothing) would also lower your IQ.

SMS and e-mail, just like the Internet, are facts of the 21st century life. We are all pressured to do multitasking, be available all the times - speak 24/7 - find time during holidays to check e-mails and respond to SMS, or sit in meetings and draft a report outline that is due in another hour.

Sure it is a lot. But it is a matter of time-management and self- management. While some people have problems coping with distractions, the excessive usage of something, anything, is a symptom, not necessarily the cause. Oh - hey - I am addicted to blogging.

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