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Monday, April 18, 2005

SMS and earthquake rumours in the Philippines

Have you received one of those SMS or e-mails that states that an earthquake will hit, either Manila, or, as I received a longer time back, Negeri Sembilan? Forget it - this is just one of those e-mails or SMS that try to create a hype around the current fear of earthquakes that people in the Asian region currently have.

A related SMS in the Philippines apparently caused panic in Manila, and of course, the House Committee on Public Information will look into it. Naturally, they want the relevant entities - here the National Telecommunications Commission and the telecommunication carriers - to look into it.

What do they propose? A strengthening of the relevant laws and regulations. As usual. Sure, people are scared of earhtquakes and pretty much on the edge to react to such e-mails or SMS. However, wouldn't it be better for the authorities to open the communications channel and inform people where to find information, whom to contact, and push this into the public consciousness? Contact your friends, check the Internet (especially blogs), call authorities that are in charge of information, switch on the television (what else?) - but don't just react to those mails or SMS.

(By Asia Business Consulting)