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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

TV, SMS and advertising in China's Taxi

There are hundreds of thousands of taxis in China’s major cities – 42,000 in Shanghai and more than 66,000 in Beijing alone, with a total of 2m Chinese employed as taxi drivers despite government attempts to limit their numbers.

These are huge numbers and a huge market that attracts the attention of advertisers. Imagine you are stuck in a traffic jam and you have the ability to showcast the following range of programming:

  • Television commercials
  • Interactive content
  • Music videos
  • Movie trailers
  • Destination information

The most important point? According to the CEO of the organising company, Michael Fung of Capad (TV), its “biggest advantage is its interactivity, providing advertisers a means to engage with the audience. By tying Capad[TV] to SMS campaigns, it is possible to drive immediate point-of-sale transactions.”

Now this might be better than staring holes in the air in a traffic jam - or may be you prefer Karaoke?

(By Asia Business Consulting)