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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Why do you download music from "illegal websites"

Is the music industry finally getting the drift?

"Australians are driven to pirated music because just 65 per cent of the country's top music tracks are available from the three legitimate online music sites. Research by Alex Malik, of the University of Technology, Sydney, has found less than half the Australian Recording Industry Association's Top 20 singles chart was available from all of the nation's major legal download sites."

Isn't it true? People also don't always want to listen to the mainstream and look for music that is not available even in music stores. So are they expected to just give up their search or wait, until a new star discovers and revamps old music? No, they do it in a way we did it before the Internet. We went tho friends to get the song we wanted or asked around our circle of friends, if they have the song we lked. What happened then was that I, for example, got to know new bands, and new songs. Frequently, I ended up buying the record.

Isn't this the same case now, only with the Internet? It is clear that those terrible downloads don't hurt the industry and in fact, might spawn new business models. But like just about anything - it needs time and a lot of nerves to persuade incumbents that new business model might be a better way to be successful.

(By Asia Business Consulting)