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Monday, June 20, 2005

Registering prepaid phone users

In Malaysia, the government is playing with the idea to make it obligatory for prepaid phone users to register their telephone number and name. Sounds similar to a proposal put forward by Thailand, a couple of weeks ago.

I would normally reject such idea, since I see it very much as a privacy and an educational issue. To ask for registration would also mean higher costs for mobile phone companies, bureaucracy and hassle.

However, there is an emerging culture of bullying via mobile phones, threats via mobile phones and others. So may be, when users are not mature enough to use available communication tools reasonably, well, may be, there needs to be a regulation. While I am still objecting the idea as an intrusion into my privacy, well, many users would have to live with higher inconvenience due to a few immature beings.

(By Asia Business Consulting)